1. MASTERS with work experience of 6 months or more who have confirmation of completing the basic course on permanent makeup in the form of a certificate aged 18 or more ARE ADMITTED TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP;

2. PARTICIPATION IS POSSIBLE IN ONE, TWO OR THREE NOMINATIONS “Powdered Brows”, “Aquarelle Lips”, “Eyelids Shading”;

3. At the championship, a participant can use only certified PIGMENTS AND ANESTHETICS;

4. THE ORGANIZERS PROVIDE consumable materials: hats, gloves, cotton pads, cotton swabs, masks, wet wipes. A participant should provide himself with all other materials;

5. WORKPLACE — The Organizer provides a couch, chair, lamp, makeup table, disposable sheet for work;

6. RULES OF HYGIENE AND SANITATION must be observed by each participant. Unnecessary subjects should not be placed on the makeup table, only a machine, cotton pads and swabs, pigments in caps. All other tools and materials required for work should be placed on the lower shelves of the table.

7. DRESS CODE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP — black uniform (lab coat, suit), second pair of shoes, hair covered with hat;

8. JUDGES ARE PROHIBITED FROM – entering the Championship venue — correcting evaluation after scoring;

9. AFTER THE END OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP, all participants must stop working, put aside tools and leave the competition area, removing the tools and materials. Further, all models go to the judging room, where the procedure of “After” face photo-taking and judges’ evaluation of the work take place;

10. ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE RESULTS — Participants will see on the screen online; a summary table will be visible; award ceremony will be held at the gala dinner;

The Congress Venue